Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wondering about the contents of Kaleidotrope #7? Then wonder no more...

"Remember" by Lindsey Duncan
"Albatross Ghosts" by Joanne Anderton
"How Antkind Lost its Soul" by Bill Ward
"The Beekeepers" by J. Alan Pierce
"Fortune" by Alberto Chimal
"The Vigilant" by Jason Hinchcliffe
"Please Share My Umbrella" by Jean Huets
"The Clay Men" by C.L. Holland
"Lock and Key" by Alyssa Fowers
"Chamberlain McLaverty" by Sean Ruane
"Duma of the Valley Kifaru" by A. Kiwi Courters
"Intuo" by Dale Carothers
"What Bear Skull Holder Taught Me" by Jeffrey Meyer
"To Put Away Childish Things" by Aaron A. Polson
"Star Over Babylon" by John Walters
"Horseshoe" by Stacy Sinclair

"Marbles" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Two Poems by klipshutz
"My Friend, the Sculptor" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Sligo" by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa
"Flickering She" by Berrien C. Henderson
"Cower" by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
"Speaking to Socrates" by Rhian Waller
"Nostalgia" by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

With cover art by Kurt Kirchmeier, and short comic art by Erica Hildebrand and Tom Powers & Amanda Banaszewski. That's 70+ pages of great writing and art, coming October 2009!

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