Thursday, February 19, 2009

In 2008, Kaleidotrope published two issues. Stories from both of these issues are eligible for 2009 Hugo Awards:

Issue 4, April 2008
  • Andrew Howard -- "Molting"
  • Ashley Arnold -- "Word Count: Negative 1"
  • Bill Ward -- "The Three Wishes of Miles Vander"
  • Adam Lowe -- "Paradise"
  • Mike Driver -- "White Sheets"
  • Flavian Mark Lipinetti -- "Furrier"
  • Paul Abbamondi -- "She's a Hearth"
  • Alex Dally MacFarlane -- "The Life and Times of a Hungry World, Told Briefly"
  • Michael Obilade -- "The Transparency"
Issue 5, October 2008
  • Bill Ward -- "The Wroteth's Grinding Bowl"
  • Marshall Payne -- "The Blue Testament"
  • Therese Arkenberg -- "Fortune Cookie"
  • Barkley Burke -- "An Adventure in Foxhunting"
  • Mark Rich -- "No Friday"
  • Eric Del Carlo -- "Long After the Scrub"
  • Brendan Connell -- "Virgin Hearts"
  • Daniel Braum -- "Tommy's Shadow"
You can find Rich Horton's year-end summary of Kaleidotrope here, and his more in-depth reviews of the individual issues at SF Site. (More reviews can be found here as well.)

Several artists from the zine are eligible in the Best Fan Artist category, namely our two talented cover designers, Remi Treuer and Jim Cleaveland, and all of the following for their interior artwork:
  • Rod Walker
  • Lisa Willis
  • Amy Law
  • John Carleton
  • Danielle Worrall
  • Sina Sohrab
  • Bastian Langguth
  • Matt Billings
Finally, Kaleidotrope is also eligible -- for the first time -- in the Best Fanzine category, with yours truly (really?) eligible as Best Editor, Short Form.

If you enjoy Kaleidotrope, and are eligible to vote, I hope that you'll consider including us in your choices. You still have until February 28, 2009, to register your votes online.

I'm especially proud of all the great work Kaleidotope published in 2008 and look forward to many more years. I appreciate your support.