Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tomorrow, October 1, is Support Our Zines Day. As Damien G. Walter writes:
...‘zines are where we go to find good, new short fiction. Magazines like Asimov’s or Weird Tales. Fanzines like Electric Velocipede or Shimmer. Webzines like Clarkesworld or Strange Horizons. Podcasts like Escape Pod and The Drabblecast. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of ‘zines publishing speculative fiction stories, and from the largest to the smallest they all contribute to building the SF community.
While there are lots of great zines of all different types being produced, the focus of SOZD is squarely on SF and fantasy publications.

This includes lots of varied zine -- from big names like Asimov's and F&SF, to small-press outfits like Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Electric Velocipede, Shimmer, and Sybil's Garage. It even includes yours truly and Kaleidotrope.

You can show your support by visiting your favorite zine online and buying a subscription, or a sample issue, or donating some money, or just even e-mailing them and letting them know how much you enjoy what they do.

As John Klima writes:

You'd be surprised at how rarely magazine/zine makers get positive feedback from their fans.

And every little bit of support helps!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Berrien C. Henderson, whose poem "Flickering She" appears in the October issue of Kaleidotrope is interviewed over at Fantasy Magazine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just testing something.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

From Damien G. Walter’s blog for Support Our ‘Zines Day* (and via Sense Five Press):


So. No idea if this will work. But, to give people a handy guide to ‘zines they can donate to on Support Our ‘Zines Day (1st October 2009), I’m going to try and put together a complete list of speculative fiction ‘zines! However, I don’t want to do all the work myself, so am stealing the recent SF Reviewers Link-up Meme to make the…’ZINE LINK-UP MEME! I’ve added a few of the big ‘zines, just to get it started.

The ‘Zine Link-up Meme

Copy and paste the list (including links) of speculative fiction ‘zines below to your blog or website (include this informative introduction as well). Add your ‘zine (and link). Any ‘zine of any size and format that publishes speculative fiction of any kind can take part. Let other people, especially people publishing ‘zines, know about the meme. And help publicise Support Our ‘Zines Day by linking back to:

* I know technically some of these are not “zines” in the strictest sense. But they are an important part of the field and we should support them equally. Also, this list is nowhere near inclusive. If you see something missing, copy this entire post to your blog and add it!

Kaleidotrope subscription information can be found here.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wondering about the contents of Kaleidotrope #7? Then wonder no more...

"Remember" by Lindsey Duncan
"Albatross Ghosts" by Joanne Anderton
"How Antkind Lost its Soul" by Bill Ward
"The Beekeepers" by J. Alan Pierce
"Fortune" by Alberto Chimal
"The Vigilant" by Jason Hinchcliffe
"Please Share My Umbrella" by Jean Huets
"The Clay Men" by C.L. Holland
"Lock and Key" by Alyssa Fowers
"Chamberlain McLaverty" by Sean Ruane
"Duma of the Valley Kifaru" by A. Kiwi Courters
"Intuo" by Dale Carothers
"What Bear Skull Holder Taught Me" by Jeffrey Meyer
"To Put Away Childish Things" by Aaron A. Polson
"Star Over Babylon" by John Walters
"Horseshoe" by Stacy Sinclair

"Marbles" by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Two Poems by klipshutz
"My Friend, the Sculptor" by Terrie Leigh Relf
"Sligo" by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa
"Flickering She" by Berrien C. Henderson
"Cower" by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
"Speaking to Socrates" by Rhian Waller
"Nostalgia" by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

With cover art by Kurt Kirchmeier, and short comic art by Erica Hildebrand and Tom Powers & Amanda Banaszewski. That's 70+ pages of great writing and art, coming October 2009!