Friday, July 17, 2009

Rich Horton reviews Kaleidotrope #6 in the July issue of Locus:

The continually improving small 'zine Kaleidotrope has put out a sixth issue, which is its best yet. Two SF stories were best. Heather Clitheroe's "Replicate Fade" is about an ex-soldier struggling to get by who takes a job to find a runaway, only to learn to his distress why his employers want her found, which nicely ties into something he's taken with him, as it were, from his military past. Simon Petrie's "Single Handed" is a murder mystery about a strange cult heading to another planet, until the ship's captain is killed. The whole setup is a bit implausible -- but that's part of the flavor of this sort of story, and it leads to a satisfyingly clever resolution.

Really pleased with this review. If you'd like to read these, and lots of other, great stories and poems, copies of the issue are still available!

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