Thursday, April 30, 2009

I just announced, via my Twitter feed that, effective May 1, Kaleidotrope will be closed to submissions until further notice. And so it will be.

I've had an embarrassment of riches come my way, great stories and poems from talented writers, and the zine is a little full-up at the moment. Rather than continue to accept new material that I can't, in good faith, promise to publish in the very near future, I've decided to take a temporary break from submissions altogether. Anything already received will still be considered and receive a response, but anything after tomorrow will, by necessity, be rejected.

In the interim, I'll continue to publish issues of the zine. the brand new Issue #6 is currently available.


DJ Barber said...

I sent a story on 2/22/09 called: Of Farm and Wood. Was just wondering if it's still in the queue?

DJ Barber

Fred said...


I don't have any record of receiving that story. Did you send it to kaleidotrope at gmail or to the P.O. box? Please e-mail me directly if you'd like to follow up, but I'm afraid I did not receive the story.