Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Richard Horton summarizes Kaleidotrope 2008:
Stories I particularly liked were, from #4, Ashley Arnold's clever and surrealistic short-shorts "Word Count: Negative 1", and Adam Lowe's moving treatment of the rights of synthetic humans, "Paradise". From #5, I enjoyed "The Wroeth's Grinding Bowl", by Bill Ward, a fable about the exploitation of the title creature and the title object, which can create anything you imagine -- including, alas, various ills; and Therese Arkenberg's sweet short piece about a potential love affair with an alien, "Fortune Cookie". Other nice stories came from
Michael Obilade, Flavian Mark Luminetti, Mark Rich, Brendan Connell, Eric Del Carlo, and Daniel Braum.
The percentage of women in each issue goes up considerably when you factor in the poetry -- which sadly most reviewers fail to do -- but I would love to see more stories by women overall.

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