Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey neat! In their summation of 2007 fantasy, in the terrific-looking Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (newly available from St. Martin's Press), Kelly Link and Gavin Grant mention Kaleidotrope by name:
Kaleidotrope, edited by Fred Coppersmith, is a new zine of similar ilk [to Electric Velocipede]. Two issues came out in 2007 and we hope to see it going along the same steadily rising path of EV, Flytrap, etc.
I can hardly blame Ellen Datlow for not mentioning the zine, as Kaleidotrope hasn't featured much, if any, real horror. (Although that's something I'd genuinely like to change going forward.)

In all, it's not quite as nice as seeing a story from Kaleidotrope in the book's table of contents, or even in the honorable mentions -- where a few past contributors do get singled out for quality work elsewhere -- but it's still pretty keen. The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror is essential reading every year, and it's a thrill to see Kaleidotrope acknowledged, however briefly, in its pages.

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