Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How can I increase my subscription base for Kaleidotrope? Where can I send copies of the zine for review (with at least some small chance of success)? Don’t assume I’m already doing something or that your idea won’t work. Any thoughts?

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Alex D M said...

The Fix do short fiction reviews ( and they take digital copies. Don't know how much that will increase reader base, but if you can send a PDF it's free.

Speaking as a reader (rather than having any kind of statistical evidence beyond my own buying practices), I sometimes get interested in a zine if I see it publishing authors I like. Maybe it's worth approaching some authors who might not know the zine exists, who might draw readers, and seeing if they'll submit (for, probably, a little bit more than regular submitters).

Jamie Eyberg said...

Send a shout out to your current subscribers and ask them to print and post a flier at a local college or university. The beginning of the semester the college crowd has a load of extra student loan money sitting around. At the very least it wouldn't cost you anything.