Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm thinking about maybe doing away with my reading periods (March to June; September to December), and officially accepting submissions year-round. This is what I do unofficially right now, and I think a lot of people either ignore or never notice the reading periods altogether. I'm not sure what value it's adding for me, since I'm not so hopelessly overwhelmed with submissions, and it's possible they're just acting as a deterrent for those who do notice them.

Any thoughts? Is anyone out there reading this?


Bill said...

I suppose it is what works best for you.
I sub a lot and reading periods are a bit of a pain. If I've just written something and when I read it back maybe I think, "Kaleidotrope." Then I find that you are closed to subs. Probably I would just send it elsewhere. So for some writers a reading period works as it keeps your slush pile down.
My vote (if I have one) is for all year round reading periods.


Sheri said...

I always like open submission periods because it's one less thing I can make a mistake at. I like the new blog, much faster access than at myspace. :-) Sheri